Sunday, June 29, 2014

Watermelon First Birthday Party

I can't believe my tiny little niece turned ONE! Her mama picked watermelon for the theme and I just loved it! She told me I could make whatever I wanted, so I had fun coming up with some cute ideas. ( I cannot take credit for the cookies on the table, as they were made by another lady- But they were adorable!)

For the cake I saw an idea of one with a rice crispie treat watermelon. I thought "how cute! The kids will love to eat this!" It really was easier than I thought. The one on the cake is white chocolate with white sprinkles, and a sucker stick on the back to stick it in the cake. I'm really loving the sprinkle numbers - Just something different from the fondant numbers I usually do.

Miss Lorali really loving her cake!

The cake pops were supposed to look like a watermelon. I guess they did, since most people guess right. ;) I make some with sprinkles to add some color. I used strawberry cake (so it was pink) and put black sprinkles inside. I also dipped them in white chocolate first and then green. To look like a realistic rind.

Fondant watermelon pieces. These really were quite simple. Just made one big circle and then cut it 4 ways. :)

Her cute little smash cake. I love how this one turned out!

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