Saturday, August 25, 2012

Robot Party!

For my son's 1st birthday I did a robot theme. I wanted something different and after seeing a few idea in books and online, I loved it! I found free printables on websites to use for the cupcakes and the pretzel jar. The cupcakes are lemon with raspberry filling, chocolate with peanut butter filling, and vanilla. A few have bavarian cream filling.

The robot cake was from the book What's New Cupcake?

I found the idea for these cookies online looking at pictures.

Robot cake pops are from Cake Pop's by Bakerella. There are SO many cake pops I want to try, just need more reasons to make them. ;)

The dessert table. Not the greatest picture.....

My baby boy enjoying his smashcake!!

He was thinking, "Mom, why are you letting me do this?"

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  1. Oh, My what a cutie pie you have! Congrats on the newest addtion too! I am so excited for you! Hope all is well.:)


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