Monday, June 6, 2011

Sweet Shop Birthday Cake

10" Chocolate-Banana with Chocolate Bavarian filling.
6" Key-Lime with Fresh strawberry filling.

 Teeny smash cake.

Cute little box fit the cake perfectly. :o)


  1. You are doing a Great job with all of your cakes!
    How are you doing? I need to write you a letter I know. sorry!:(

  2. Hi Kristina, I'm doing good. I need to write you also, I don't even know who's turn it is. LOL I haven't been very good about writing my friends. Been very busy and don't make much time to slow down. :o( Hopefully this summer is going to slow down a little since I am only working one day at the greenhouse. Weekends are always very full with cakes! Thanks for your comment I really enjoy that it!! Have a blessed day, Bethany

  3. oops! Don't know how 'that' got in there. hehe


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